Who is BJ Blackburn?
A Data Quality Engineer who Loves E-commerce, Design, and Growing Businesses Using Powerful Tools the Big Companies Don’t Want You To know About.  Rule #1:  Sometimes, a website and Facebook are not enogh.  Let’s get great work done!

What We Do Best

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Branding, Corprate Identity, You Organizations Personality. Packaged up in a memorable consitent design after careful review of our business, ideal customers, customer journey, and a deep understanding of why customers should choose you.

Web Design

Today, you need more than a website.  You need Digital Appeal and we are here to help you.  Are team is a diverse group of designers, marketers, and developers to give your customers the best experience

Search Engine Optimization

Demystify SEO and SEM.  Our clients understand the fundamentals and princplies so you know what you are paying for and can make an educated decision about what is the right level of investment for your business model.

Content Strategy

Content marketing has become a buzzword to say the least but our team has a proven strategy for consistent content that is sustainable and and structured to measure its effectiveness and help you engage with our audience.

Information Architecture

BJ Blackburn has over 10 years of experience in Information Systems, IT and E-commerce.  A cloud solutions provider and experienced in building the perfect tech stack for your needs.  Contact him today.

Business Consulting

We offer a full discovery phase and competitor analysis.  Learn who your competitors are, what they are doing to drive traffic or customers to their business, and we formulate a plan to bring your brand to life while leveraging your unique value propostion.

Our Mantra 

We believe in accessibility for all, and strive to level the playing field to protect local businesses. At BJ Blackburn, we simplify the process of building an online presence.  Enjoy the same technologies as billion dollar companies—without the upfront costs and recurring overhead. 

Our mission is to bring the best solutions all under one roof in an easy to use business app. Our knowledgeable team is trained to find the right solution for your needs.

 Our professional designers, copywriters, and digital experts build, launch, and maintain your campaigns and website with all the essentials included—keeping your online presence fresh and accurate, so you can focus on your business.

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BJ Blackburn | Designer & Systems Engineer – Get Great Work Done!

Over 10 years experience building a better experience for my client’s customers. Data Quality Engineer specializing in E-Commerce and Information Systems



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