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The volume of searches performed on searche engines like Google are so Mind-Blowing massive, there’s no chance to find the right words to describe the magnitude and impact of not just search queries on their orignal Google search page but coupled with their other popular platforms like; it’s astounding.

For  a little perspective, it’s north of 70,000 Google searches every second!  That’s almost 230,000,000 search queries an hour and over 5 billion Google searches per day (source: hubspot)

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Guide to Google Dork & YouTube Advanced Search Operators

In this post we will explore how to search like a pro with Google Dork, Advanced Search operators and more. You won’t want to miss the free guides at the end.

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Top 3 reason you should use search operators and Google Dorks

1. Find Content Faster That's Relevant That's Original

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Original content focused on adding value to the end user is 76% more likely to get shared when you know your audience.
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Don't think you have anything to say? Tell the world about why your product, service, hobby, or favorite topic is important to them! Don't worry about being perfect or a prro copywriter - 33% of the internet is duplicate content, or, in other words, copied and pasted!

2. Market Intelligence Trends Analytics Research

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Of search volume is owned by Google (Hubspot, 2021)

In many ways, marketing is a game of trend watching. The marketer who’s best at spotting and using trends earns their business market share, brand recognition, and ultimately, revenue.

But how do you search for trends? And where do you start?

Well, since it owns more than 92% of the global search engine market, the answer to both of these questions is, Google.

Google doesn’t share its search volume data. However, it’s estimated Google processes approximately 63,000 search queries every second, translating to 5.6 billion searches per day and approximately 2 trillion global searches per year. The average person conducts between three and four searches each day.

Learn how to search

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2. Build Your List Sales Leads Contacts Recipes And More!

Search operators and Google Dorks can help you gather market intelligence, build contact lists, research a company, and find sources of information that most users simply do not know how to locate.

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Guide to Google Dork & YouTube Advanced Search Operators

Find it fast – Here’s a guide to get the most relevant content from to up your productivity and market intelligence game.  Get a free copy of our advanced search guide below.  Share any cool findings and follow us on IG follow us on instagram logo icon

Advanced Google and other search engine top techniques that the pro's don't want you to know.

For the next level of advanced search operators, welcome Google Dork.  Proceed with caution. 
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