According to a recent survey, around 75% of people all across the globe use social media in their everyday life. In fact, most of us open our social media accounts as soon as we wake up in the morning. As time passes by, more companies are spending thousands of dollars to increase their social media presence and gain more followers so their sales can be increased.

If you own a business then we highly recommend advertising it on all social media channels and increase your engagement numbers. Don’t just make an account and start posting random stuff on it, use the below social media marketing tactics and we guarantee that you’ll see a sudden spike in the number of viewers reaching your website.

1. Only Post At the Best Times

The number of views you get on each post highly depends on the time of your posting. For example, if you’ve audiences that are 9-5 workers then chances are that they are not allowed to use social media apps during work hours. So, if you post anything during that time then you’re not going to get the results you wanted. An easy solution is to see when your engagement levels are the highest and try to post at those times.

If you want to take it to the next level then post solely on different social media platforms at the times that have the highest number of viewers. Keep track of your numbers and see which time is the best to post.

2. Post Visuals Along With The Text

Whether you own a software company or provide construction services, you should definitely include images and videos in your postings along with the text! Visuals tend to appeal more than plain text because viewers like to understand everything just by seeing an image/video rather than reading a boring long article.

You can also use Memes, GIFs, and funny videos to add humour and personality to your social media marketing. It’ll drive more traffic to your account because people like to share funny images more rather than plain posts filled just with advertisements.

3. Make a Unique Strategy For Each Social Media Channel

If you think that all social media channels work the same then you’re very wrong, my friend! All social media platforms have a different type of audience that demands unique pieces of content. Let us tell you the age pattern for some of the most popular social media websites and you can see the difference by yourself.

  • As Facebook is one of the most old social media platforms and has all kinds of content (text, images, videos etc.), it has all types of audiences ranging from 20-45 years old.
  • Instagram is more popular among young people who like to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and follow their favourite celebrities. It only allows posting images and videos and has an audience ranging from 15-28 years old.
  • LinkedIn is a professional platform for people either searching for a job or hiring other people in their company. You can post all kinds of content (text, images, and videos) and it has an audience ranging from 23-50 years old.

This explains why not all social media platforms are the same. You’ve to make a unique strategy for each social media channel that fulfils the demands of that age group. Also, we recommend only using social media channels that suit your business requirements. Don’t waste your time on every social media profile and get no views in return. Do a little research and see which platforms will suit best according to your business and build your branding from there.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Social Media Analytics

The most important social media tactic that you don’t want to ignore is to track your social media analytics regularly. Why? Because it allows you to improve your social media marketing strategy and replace the old ones if they’re not providing satisfactory results.

Simply, use the modern social media marketing tools to keep an eye on all your social media analytics in one place or hire a social media manager to do it all for you.

5. Establish A Connection With Your Audience

The best social media tactic is to interact with your audience regularly and establish a strong connection with them! It will not only engage your viewers but also increase your sales.

The simplest way of doing this is by taking surveys on your Twitter account or asking for feedback from your Instagram followers. By doing this, you’ll instantly be able to improve your content and also gather valuable information about your audience.

You can also go live on all your social media platforms and talk to your viewers in order to gain their trust. All popular celebrities and social media influencers do this regularly to interact with their audiences and build a strong connection.

Test different methods and go with the one that suits your business best.

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