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Rosaries and Scapulars Initiative

Rosaries and Scapulars Initiative Project. A non profit organization supporting churches, veterans, children and more.

Their Mission

To initiate and educate the Catholic and Christian community of believers to the importance and use of both the Rosary and the Scapular of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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A Sign Of Salvation

“The rosary and the scapular are inseparable! Our Lady wants everyone to wear it (the brown scapular);it is the sign of consecration to her Immaculate Heart.”
Servant of God, Sister Lucia Santos
Through the Rosary and Scapular I will save the World!
Our children are our future. And now is the time to put them on the right path. Our religion and values are under attack. Our rights to instill these values in the home are now under attack. These are real problems and they need to be solved. And a good place to start is with our youth.

Rosaries & Scapulars initiative has sent over 70,000 kits to schools, VA hospitals and parishes around the country. Each kit comes with a beautiful rosary, hand made with love by our amazing volunteers, a brown scapular, and a pamphlet on how to pray the rosary.

Each rosary and scapular is blessed by our local priests and deacons.

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