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At, we have been using WordPress, the world’s most popular content management platform among other things, for several years and have helped numerous clients leverage this powerful platform to boost their businesses. When you first start using the once Blog-specific platform to build your site it’s overwhelming!  We put together a quick overview to help you understand some misconceptions, pros & cons, and how you too can build your online presence with zero code.

The Basics

Themes – how do you even begin to sift through 1000’s of them
Plugins – it sounds like everything is essential and vital to avoid impending doom!
Design – It just won’t work!?!! I thought this was supposed to be easy?

Just a few statements said by non-techies to experienced web designers and developers so you are not alone. We are here to help you whether you are the DIY type and want to know how your site works and be able to make changes on the fly, or if you are hands-off, don’t care, and just want to know when it’s up and running – You are at the right place.

How We Can Help

Our goal is to study the industry for trends in design both UI form and function as well as user-friendly tools for the admins.  We keep it simple and straightforward –  if a plugin, widget, snipet of code is not directly helping you get closer to your end goal, we remove it. Our systematic approach focuses on:

  • Stable and attractive themes based on site type, target audience, and content.
  • Security solutions – appropriate for what kind of information needs to be protected, from who, and in what markets so we can recommend the tailored tools to keep out anyone that doesn’t belong and ensure you have done everything possible to mitigate risk for yourself and site guests
  • Analytics, SEO, & Where are all the people – You have something to offer and we are here to help find the best method to assimilate your content, products, and information to those most likely seeking it. We start by covering the basics to make sure Google is aware of your presence and start working to improve your ranking.
  • Design for both form and function – attractive professional sites ready to stand up to the industry’s biggest names.

Our solutions are proven to effectively help our clients reach their goals. You will get out of your site what is put in and we will be with you the whole time, encouraging, sharing, and celebrating!

Let’s get started today!

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