Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a much more professional networking site with over 700 million active users all across the globe. You might be familiar with LinkedIn as a job searching platform but it can also be used to build brand awareness and generate B2 leads. From small to large scale businesses, LinkedIn is the best social media platform for marketing your products/services and bring more customers to your business website.

According to a recent study, LinkedIn makes up over 65% of all the social traffic to B2B websites. Nowadays, nearly every brand out there is using LinkedIn to drive more traffic to their websites, generate quality leads, boost their marketing efforts, build relationships with customers, and much more. So, if you’re a business owner and want to attract more customers then we highly suggest marketing your business on LinkedIn using the below powerful tactics.

1. Optimize Your Brand’s Profile

You might think that it’s a very basic step, right? But many people skip this step and go directly to the more advanced tactics. From small to large scale businesses, it’s vital to structure your LinkedIn page in such a way that it increases your chances of getting leads.

Hubspot.com Example Linkedin.com Profile

Example Business Profile (source Hubspot.com’s LinkedIn Profile)

Choose your profile and cover image wisely and only post high-quality image that’s relevant to your business. Because whenever someone visits your LinkedIn page, profile and cover pictures are the first thing that they notice and if they look bad then chances are they might never come back.

2. Leave Comments On As Many Posts As You Can

If you’ve ever used LinkedIn in any part of your life then you have definitely seen brands and business owners commenting on various posts, they do it on purpose! They leave comments on as many posts as they can to build a strong relation with the author of the post and also to get noticed by everyone else that came across that post.

It may take a few hours of your day but dropping a valuable comment on a value-packed post can introduce your website to many new viewers that are interested in the area of your expertise. You can also buy LinkedIn premium so people can trust your brand’s page even more.

3. Know Your Audience

Every business has different type of audience! In order to get better results, you should definitely spend a little time and see who you target audience is. For example; if you sell expensive skin care products then most of your audience would be working women aging from 23 to 40 years olds. To be more specific, use the built-in LinkedIn analytics section to gain insights and see more valuable information, such as; age group, geographic location, industry, and much more.

Apart from using the analytics section, you should also visit the profile of people you’re trying to reach. It may seem funny but it can work wonders! LinkedIn has a unique feature which notifies the other person when you visit his/her profile, it shows that you’re interested in them. It helps a lot when you message them as they’ll already recognize your profile and the chances of getting their attention increases.

4. Publish Valuable Content Regularly

Unlike other social media platforms, text based posts tend to get more views on LinkedIn as compared to posts containing images and videos. If you’ve used LinkedIn then you might be familiar with this, you’ll see more text based posts in your feed rather than images and videos.
You can also post images and videos but don’t forget to add caption and a link to your website so that the user can go straight to your website after reading the whole post.

5. Involve Your Workforce

You need as many people as you can that will share your postings on their LinkedIn profile. The fastest way to increase your views is to get your employees involved and encourage them to add your company in their profile’s bio. By doing this, your company will be shown to all of their connections and you’ll get more views on your brand’s page.

Apart from this, you should also encourage them to share your posts and like whenever you post a new content. This will not only boost your brand’s awareness but also make your LinkedIn marketing strategy more successful.

6. Use Sponsored Ads For A Boost

Last but not least, if you want an extra exposure and boost in your engagement levels then you can use LinkedIn’s sponsored ads and place your best-performing ad in front of a much wider audience.

First analyze and get to know your target audience so you can input the correct data while posting a sponsored ad. It should only be done after you’ve applied every LinkedIn marketing tactic explained above.

Pro tip: Set up your brand’s page before placing sponsored ads, you don’t want any customer to get bad impression and leave your company’s page as soon as he open it.

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